Columbia-IBM Center for Blockchain and Data Transparency Research Collaborators List

Funding Opportunity for Faculty & Research Staff

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Area1 - Technology, systems and algorithms

Research contacts

Andreas Kind
Manager Industry Platforms and Blockchain
IBM Research

Michael Osborne
Security Research

Vita Bortnikov
Distinguished Engineer, Cloud and Blockchain Platforms, IBM Research

Vinayaka Pandit
STSM and Senior Manager - Blockchain Research

Sameep Mehta
STSM & Senior Manager. Knowledge Management & Engineering. IBM Research AI

Business contacts

Salman Baset
CTO Security, IBM Blockchain Solutions

Krishna Ratakonda
IBM Fellow & CTO Blockchain Solutions

Area 2 - Business model, services and applications

Research contacts

Chid Apte (Supply chain and logistics)
Director - AI & Blockchain Solutions

Roman Vaculin (Supply chain and logistics)
Research Staff Member & Manager - Blockchain Solutions, Master Inventor

Vinayaka Pandit (Supply chain and logistics)
STSM and Senior Manager - Blockchain Research

Kumar Bhaskaran (Financial services)
Program Director, IBM Industry Research

Meeta Vouk (Digital tokens)
Chief Data Officer, Blockchain Technologies

Andreas Kind (Physical anchors & Materials Innovation)
Manager Industry Platforms and Blockchain

Business contacts

Rakesh Mohan (Supply chain and logistics)
Director Development, Blockchain Solutions

Mark Treshock(Healthcare)
Global Leader Blockchain in HCLS

Jia Chen(Healthcare)
Offering Manager, Blockchain for HCLS

Woong A. Yoon(Healthcare)
Chief Architect & Manager, Blockchain Solutions for HCLS

Area 3 - Policy, regulation, law and behavior

Business contacts

Mark O'Riley
Government and Regulatory Affairs- Technology Policy


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