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Data Science Institute members are ambassadors for the Institute and data science at Columbia University.
Members are actively engaged in the Institute, energetically and enthusiastically support the mission of the Institute,
and contribute to its activities and programs.

Shipra Agrawal Shipra Agrawal
James Anderson James Anderson
Alex Andoni Alex Andoni
Elham Azizi Elham Azizi
Elias Bareinboim Elias Bareinboim
Omar Besbes Omar Besbes
Simon Billinge Simon Billinge
David Blei David Blei
Dean Mary BoyceDean Mary Boyce
Michael Burke Michael Burke
Agostino Capponi Agostino Capponi
Augustin Chaintreau Augustin Chaintreau
Shih-Fu Chang Shih-Fu Chang
Asaf Cidon Asaf Cidon
Courtney Cogburn Courtney Cogburn
Ivan Corwin Ivan Corwin
John Cunningham John Cunningham
Tal Danino Tal Danino
Richard Davis Richard Davis
Ton Dieker Ton Dieker
Vince Dorie Vincent Dorie
Eleni Drinea Eleni Drinea
Qiang Du Qiang Du
Adam Elmachtoub Adam Elmachtoub
Ester Fuchs Ester Fuchs
Kellen Funk Kellen Funk
Paul Glasserman Paul Glasserman
Jeff Goldsmith Jeff Goldsmith
Vineet Goyal Vineet Goyal
Ronghui Gu Ronghui Gu
George Hripcsak George Hripcsak
Daniel Hsu Daniel Hsu
Nicolas Hug Nicolas Hug
Amy Hungerford Amy Hungerford
Garud Iyengar Garud Iyengar
Suman Jana Suman Jana
Xiaofan Jiang Xiaofan Jiang
Jingyue Ju Jingyue Ju
Martha Kim Martha Kim
David Knowles David Knowles
Bruce Kogut Bruce Kogut
Christian Kroer Christian Kroer
Kriste Krstovski Kriste Krstovski
Sanat Kumar Sanat Kumar
Colin Leach Colin Leach
Hod Lipson Hod Lipson
Olena Mamykina Olena Mamykina
Susan McGregor Susan McGregor
Gary Miller Gary Miller
Debasis Mitra Debasis Mitra
Tamar Mitts Tamar Mitts
Smaranda Muresan Smaranda Muresan
Ronald Neath Ronald Neath
Serena Ng Serena Ng
John Paisley John Paisley
Desmond Patton Desmond Patton
Itsik Pe'er Itsik Pe'er
Adam Poliak Adam Poliak
Kui Ren Kui Ren
Joyce Robbins Joyce Robbins
Tim Roughgarden Tim Roughgarden
Dan Rubenstein Dan Rubenstein
Paul Sajda Paul Sajda
P. James Schuck P. James Schuck
Andrew Smyth Andrew Smyth
Cliff Stein Cliff Stein
Eric Talley Eric Talley
Nicholas Tatonetti Nick Tatonetti
Simon Tavare Simon Tavaré
Jamie Teherani Jamie Teherani
Maxim Topaz Maxim Topaz
Gerard Torrats-Espinosa Gerard Torrats-Espinosa
Chris Wiggins Chris Wiggins
Jeannette Wing Jeannette Wing
John Wright John Wright
Rebecca Wright Rebecca Wright
Eugene Wu Eugene Wu
David Yao David Yao
Ming Yuan Ming Yuan
Tian Zheng Tian Zheng
Gil Zussman Gil Zussman

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