FLAVIO BONOMI | Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Nebbiolo Technologies


"IoT: The Convergence of Information Technologies and Operations Technologies"

The core challenges and the richest rewards in the manifestation of the Internet of Things will come from addressing the convergence of the Information Technologies and Operational Technologies, in the context of vast vertical markets such as Industrial Automation, Transportation, Energy, Agriculture, Oil and Gas, and Building Automation.

Information Technologies such as Cloud Computing, Secure Networking, Wireless Mobile Networking, Data Management and Analytics, Remote Management, can successfully meet the world of Operational Technologies such as Industrial Deterministic Networking, Industrial Critical Control, Process Scheduling and Optimization, and Robotics.

This convergence will however require patience, openness, cultural bridging, and much technological and research progress needed to support deeply different requirements, models of use, and cost factors.

The academic world will play a critical role in the development of architectures, algorithms, and analytical approaches to solve many of the open challenges industry is facing in its transition towards IoT.

These challenges include the development of deterministic wired and wireless networking, the evolution of real-time, virtualized computing architectures, the evolution of software capable of the scale and determinism required by machine to machine collaboration, and computing, storage and networking security.


Flavio Bonomi is the Founder and CEO of Nebbiolo Technologies, a young company focused on the application of Internet of Things technologies in the field of Industrial Automation.

Flavio Bonomi is also the founder and the Chief Technology Officer at IoXWorks, Inc., which is engaged in the launch of new activities in the domain of the Internet of Things, involving consulting and advisory roles with a number of large corporations and startups, as well as the incubation of new startups. Previously, Flavio was a Cisco Fellow, Vice President, and the Head of the Advanced Architecture and Research Organization at Cisco Systems, in San Jose, California.

He was co-leading (with JP Vasseur) the vision and technology direction for Cisco’s Internet of Things initiative. This broad, Cisco-wide initiative encompasses major verticals, including Energy, Connected Vehicle and Transportation, and Connected Cities. In this role, with the support of his team, he shaped a number of research and innovation efforts relating to mobility, security, communications acceleration, distributed computing and data management.

Before joining Cisco in 1999, Flavio Bonomi was at AT&T Bell Labs from 1985 and 1995, with architecure and research responsibilities, mostly relating to the evolution of the ATM technology, and then was Principal Architect at two Silicon Valley startups, ZeitNet and Stratum One.

He received an Electrical Engineering degree from Pavia University in Italy, and the Masters and PhD in Electrical Engineering degrees in 1981 and 1985, respectively, from Cornell University in Ithaca, New York.

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