The Data Science Institute’s Industry Affiliates Program offers the following benefits:

Interactions with Students
• Recruiting events, including career fairs and tech talks
• Pre-event publicity
• Affiliate-only information sessions in which company representatives may present more general information about working at the company
• Informal and/or branded events with students
• Job and recruitment opportunity postings
• Assistance in identifying rooms suitable for interviews with students and facilitation with scheduling interviews
• Opportunities to host competitions for faculty and students (with affiliates bearing any additional costs for prizes)
• Opportunities to participate in the DSI mentorship program, which matches an affiliate scientist as a mentor for a student of interest
• Opportunities to work with M.S. in Data Science students on a joint faculty-industry directed project
• Opportunity to participate in DSI capstone projects, which may include giving lectures, providing access to data (under appropriate agreement), and recommending specific research problems to analyze
• Opportunity to brand student events, competitions, and other programs throughout the academic year

Interactions with Faculty 
• Identification of faculty members of interest to affiliate and facilitation of meetings for up to five company staff members to discuss their research, emerging technologies, and trends
• Invitation of affiliate scientists to present research findings to Institute faculty.
• Invitation for the company to participate in the annual Affiliates Conference and the Institute seminars throughout the year.

Sponsored Research Opportunities 
Affiliates are offered reductions to costs associated with sponsored research performed at DSI. Members are entitled to a reduction in annual tuition rate per student (up to two students) to the NSF Graduate Student Fellowship rate of $10,500 (in most cases a reduction of two to four-fold compared to full tuition) and a preferential indirect cost rate of 25% (the Morningside campus base indirect cost rate for research is between 35-60%).

Consortia Membership
Affiliates may be eligible to join a DSI research consortium. As a service to consortia members, DSl facilitates explorations of next generation innovation and interoperability standards. DSI research consortia explore pre-competitive collaboration opportunities with industry and academic thought leaders in emerging data science fields and new market opportunities.

Executive Training 
Tuition waiver for two of the four Certification of Professional Achievement in Data Sciences courses for one affiliate representative.

Affiliates-Only Digital Content 
• Conference Reports and Past Events Archive – After each DSI meeting, materials distributed at the event, if any, will be made available to the affiliate upon request. An event archive will store digital online presentations, abstracts, and biographical materials from events linked to conference agendas and will be available to the affiliate’s staff.
• Faculty/Research Database – Affiliate will have access to an online database of faculty/research staff expertise and research projects that contain abstracts and hyperlinks to faculty-maintained web pages.

Recognition of partnership on the DSI website and promotional materials.

Philanthropic Opportunities
DSI has numerous opportunities for companies wishing to support research, education, and outreach through gifts, endowments, or naming rights associated with a physical space, program, or person.

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