Meet DSI's Inaugural Postdoctoral Fellows 2018

The Data Science Institute welcomes six scholars into its first class of postdoctoral fellows. From improving cancer diagnoses, to dealing with anxiety and depression, to understanding the American electorate, the six postdocs will engage in interdisciplinary and data-driven research that will lead to innovative solutions to societal problems. In so doing, they will also promote the Institute’s guiding principle of using “data for good.”

Kyle Davis

Kyle Davis, an environmental scientist, will use data-intensive techniques to improve food supplies in developing countries while also promoting sustainable environmental practices. Read more.

Ipek Ensari

Ipek Ensari will compile and evaluate data from fitness trackers such as Fitbit to help people craft personalized workouts and behavioral modifications. Read more.

Andrew Miller

Andrew Miller will apply machine-learning algorithms to electronic health records to provide advanced warning to people at risk for heart attacks or strokes. Read more.  

Sandrine Muller

Sandrine Muller will analyze people’s mobility patterns and daily routines to develop a smartphone-based screening system that can detect and counter depression. Read more.

Aaron Schein

Aaron Schein, who studied political science, linguistics and computer science, will use his breadth of knowledge to develop statistical models to predict the  factors driving voter turnout in political elections. Read more.

Rami Vanguri

Rami Vanguri will combine medical imaging data with electronic health records to improve the diagnosis and staging of prostate cancer. Read more.

You can click here to learn more about the postdoctoral research program.

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