Technology Ventures

Bringing Big Ideas to Market

The already strong entrepreneurial culture at Columbia is led by one of the most experienced and successful technology transfer offices in the world, Columbia Technology Ventures (CTV), which each year, on average, manages approximately 300 new inventions from Columbia inventors (such as the award-winning Radiator Labs project); executes 50 to 70 license agreements; launches 15 new companies; and generates in excess of $135 million in gross licensing revenues. In fact, over its 17-year history, CTV's cumulative record includes 4,000 inventions; 1,800 patents; 500 licenses; and the creation of 128 new companies (81 of them still active). By combining and coordinating the resources of CTV and Columbia's professional schools, the Institute will be able to both increase the number of startup companies formed around innovation in the data sciences and engineering, and strengthen those that do launch. A priority for CTV and the Institute will be to develop incentives for startup ventures to locate in New York City and remain here.

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